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div onclick document location href

[JavaScript] Inject by Asusel Pastebin.com Home В» Code Snippets В» JavaScript В» Get URL and URL Parts in JavaScript. and rest of the div ids in q=test", use location.href location.href = document

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Show / hide a DIV using javascript CSS Creator. window.location.assign loads a new document; The window.location.href property returns the URL of

Get Dynamic window document.location.href = go 8/08/2008В В· Hi outrun, Thanks for the codes! However, when I tried to add more layers
, it doesn't work. The 'showdiv' and 'hidediv' shows and hides all the layers respectively.

Making a popup window using a DIV such as showing or hiding a DIV, altering its location or so we could use the same DIV to make images popup.

How can I open the href location in a new window and still keep onclick=location.href as shown in the code below? I don't want to use the html construct such as